Created to make the invisible visible.

Results improve when OEE is not just measured
but also actively managed. Results improve when people take the right actions.


Use our dynamic monitoring chart to quickly see how focused improvements can drive up machine and plant performance.


Shine a light where you need to take action


A single source of truth for downtime and performance.

01. ubiquitous Connectivity

Connect to any equipment to enable real-time data and begin to understand true asset performance.

02. Implementation at speed

Pre-built connectors allow data to stream via existing SCADA/PLC without extensive development work.

03. pre-built data visualisation

Ready to go visualisations allow for day 1 monitoring of performance and downtime. and big data

Unlock the power of data. Easily send data to your data lake or enterprise applications for further processing.

output industries is a talented group that proved a natural fit to supercharge our digital transformation journey.

Their attitude and work is top notch, with a focus on execution and impact.

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