We build software that transforms the way manufacturers operate and optimise their production processes.

What makes us so powerful.

We’ve assembled a team that combines practical expertise in manufacturing, software engineering, DevOps, user experience design, and data science. 

Regardless of role, each member of our team has the desire to deliver the world’s best manufacturing software.
Data-driven Approach:
From modelling real-world processes to user feedback, data is always at the core of our approach.
Experience Design:
Human-centric interfaces for data and applications.
Application Development:
End-to-end development using a modern, flexible tech stack.
Scaling services to meet demand and always ensuring reliability.
Data Engineering:
Collect, transform and store data, making it always available to the business.

Fundamental products to operate and optimise.

The products that we build sit at the heart of our customer's manufacturing processes.
Stream real-time data, combine with event data, normalise it and make available to the rest of your organisation to build on.
Cloud MES
From raw materials to production reporting, our cloud MES provides modular components to quickly deploy into existing operations.

output industries is a talented group that proved a natural fit to supercharge our digital transformation journey.

Their attitude and work is top notch, with a focus on execution and impact.

Chief digital officer
London, UK
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