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Case Study
February 8, 2024

A1 Bacon sees an uplift in productivity from using the Busroot platform.


 A1 Bacon has a reputation for its mouth-watering and premium quality bacon products, with a remarkable daily output of more than 40 tons.

A1 Bacon has been a customer of and an active user of Busroot for over 12 months. Busroot is at the centre of its production operations, providing accurate real-time data to drive immediate awareness of production progress against targets and forecast completion times. 


Little understanding of progress vs targets

Operators need to be made aware of progress. Management was reliant on supervisors to collect data manually.

Existing legacy machines without connectivity

Machines that are not able to communicate progress and would require expensive retrofit.

Lack of a dedicated digital team

An in-house team was unable to implement and benefit from industry 4.0 solutions. 


The A1 Bacon team use Busroot to visualise production and manufacturing KPIs that gave the operations leadership team the true picture of production progress in real time. The Busroot platform also provides asset utilisation and downtime detection via our industrial IoT sensor connected directly to the seven production lines.

Large format displays give shopfloor teams a clear and accurate understanding of production progress against targets.

Busroot has transformed the culture at A1 Bacon, taking them from an organisation with little to no technology within the production process to a robust solution that has quickly become integral to the day-to-day operations.


Returned Investment

Re-paid annual subscription in first 60 days.

Increased Productivity

14% increase in production output.

Reduced Costs

Significantly reduced costs on packaging waste and machine idle time.