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Busroot Features

Plug and play capabilities specifically designed to increase performance of SME manufacturers.

Production + Work Order Tracking

Effortlessly manage and optimise your production workflows with our advanced work order tracking system.

Seamlessly track work orders, streamline production, and make informed decisions with our comprehensive production and work order tracking solution.

Downtime Detection

Minimise disruptions and maximise productivity with our robust Automatic Downtime Detection feature.

Our innovative system automatically identifies and categorises downtime instances in real time, providing instant insights into the reasons behind production interruptions.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Enhance your operational efficiency with our comprehensive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation and visualisation.

Our platform accurately computes OEE, providing a holistic view of equipment performance by factoring in availability, performance, and quality metrics.

Asset Utilisation

Optimise your resources and maximise productivity with our detailed Asset Utilisation feature.

Our platform precisely tracks and distinguishes between productive and non-productive time for your assets, providing a comprehensive overview of their utilisation efficiency.

Cycle Time Analysis

Our platform meticulously examines cycle times per machine and SKU, offering a detailed understanding of production rhythms.

We provide you with key metrics, including average cycle times and best cycle times over any specified period.

Operator Interface

Designed specifically for tablet devices, our interface enables operators to effortlessly select and manage work orders, providing a user-friendly platform to input produced quantities and update ongoing tasks.

By offering this direct engagement on the shop floor, our interface ensures accurate real-time data collection, streamlining production tracking and facilitating swift decision-making.

Automatic Data Capture

Our dedicated devices interface directly with machines, capturing essential signals and events crucial for production monitoring.

These devices detect and relay signals indicating completed production cycles and distinguish between machine productivity and idle states in real time.