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What is an MES?
MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System.

An MES is a software system used in manufacturing environments that provides real-time information on production activities, including scheduling, tracking, and monitoring production processes.

It bridges the gap between the shop floor and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, allowing for better coordination between production teams, maintenance, and management.

MES enables manufacturers to optimize production performance, reduce waste, and improve quality by providing a variety of tools for process control, data visualization, and analysis.
What is Busroot?
Busroot is a system that monitors production in real-time, identifies and alerts when issues are found and implements a workflow to get production running at full speed again quickly.

Busroot includes dashboardsand reports that provide clear, up-to-date information on factory production and performance.
How does Busroot reduce workcentre downtime?
Busroot immediately recognises and responds to interuptions on the factory floor. The right people are notified immediately and a clear and effective workflow ensures good communication is maintained throughout the issue resolution. This rapid response and integrated workflow have been proven to keep workcentres running at full capacity more often.
How does Busroot improve workcentre performance?
Busroot monitors the production output of each workcentre and calculates cycles time per workcentre, per SKU.

Using trend analysis, Busroot can determine if the shift or day target is going to be missed, and alerts supervisiors with plenty of time to rectify the underlying issue.

Busroot helps you address issues before they cause significant loss.
How is data collected for Busroot?
If the manufacturing process being monitored uses automation, our preferred method is to capture the data directly from the PLC using protocols such as modbus, OPC-UA and MQTT.

Alternatively we have wireless DAUs (data acquisition units) that can be fitted to machines that can tap into machine processes and stream these signals to Busroot.

Finally, if the workcentre is manual (such as an assembly station), we have a tablet device that can be placed at the station to allow manual recording of production.

Whatever the method use, you always get the full suite of production tracking and issue management features.
How is Busroot accessed?
Busroot is entirely web-based for the user. This means it can be accessed via any modern device without need to install desktop software or apps.
Can Busroot dashboards be accessed via TV/monitors on the shop floor?
In the case of a TV, as long as it's capable of opening a browser (most Smart TVs can), it can load the dashboards directly. Other screens such as large monitors will need to be connected to a device with a browser, e.g. Thin Client PC, HDMI dongle, etc.
How does Busroot know the SKU being produced on each workcentre?
Busroot maintains an internal record of each machine's production schedule. This production scheduled can be synced with an external souce, such as an ERP or production scheduler, or maintained manually via the Busroot interface.
Can IĀ get direct access to the IIoT data being collected by Busroot?
Yes, for customers that have the technical expertise to use the IIoT being collected, we offer access to the 'Data Explorer', a tool that allows a wide range of querying and reporting on the 'raw' data.
Can you connect to legacy machines?
Our platform is machine agnostic. In short we are yet to come across a machine we can't connect to the platform.
Do I need to have a technical team already?
Absolutely not, we have a team on hand to guide you through each step.

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